Age D

by Soldis

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Excellent album, riche en surprises, avec des passages de différents courants musicaux. En fait, il ne manque plus qu'une production de meilleure qualité au groupe ; pour le reste, il n'y a pas grand-chose à jeter. à suivre de près... Favorite track: Age D.
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released June 1, 2015

Del Tremens - Vocal
Roman Vangerson - Guitar, programming.

Link Records (Perm)
Binomial Records (Perm)



all rights reserved


Soldis Perm, Russia

Two weirdos get together to express themselves in all possible genres they can, only sent through the prism of metal.

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Track Name: Age D
Age D (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

This is the age when the Definition fails
When mind D-fragmentation is D-screet and tamed
When everybody’s D-stressed being at
D-generates D-sposal
That are too fucking Dirty but too Dumb
To even oppose us. The closer to posers
You’re loosing your focus
At the cost of your cosmos
Heads up for the meaningless bonus
Like some of us, geniuses, claiming
They’d better clone us
I say, we’ve lost the right to even think
Cause we’re so fucked up that the best
Of our thoughts stink
And as we stand and speak mouth open wide
We take away all that’s humane of mankind

We are the lost content
For being humane
For this we have to share the perfect
If some could have pondered
To stop the insane
For this we are to broaden circles

This is how you get the D out of the whole
(just split the entity in halves and share)
Now! Lets sing! (acapella stuff)
Now sing along with me don’t think you can’t do
Didn’t it feel good? Feel free to share the mood

And even though it hurts and sucks at times.
To look at some of us without despise
Just try your best at keeping the human inside
Dodge the Habitual
To breed individual
And feel no supremacy when fighting you inner sin

How’re you doing all? My name’s Del
Standing and preaching here but
What the fuck can I tell? And you may
Not even listen to me if that’s what you choose
And it may even assure you there’s
Not a thing you will loose
But that speech still will ooze
Too keep me amused
Cause that’s why I’m really doing this
To shake off my blues
-Well you might just try banging
Penelope Cruiz
-Oh, shut up you punk or I’ll punch you
outta your shoes
-Oh, really? So that’s what you talked about the great visionary?
To keep things way off of a violent scenario?
-Oooh! How I want to land my fists in your face
And pound, pound and pound until it sounds like slap bass!
You know
But you’re right, I gotta keep myself under control
Retaliation’s a lot harder to see
And far scarier cause it passes on on our breed

We would not even find
How we left the humane behind
Substituted for the feature of beast
So can we show the true power
And have ourselves pleased

All of this being said
I hope I broke to you lad
And we’ll be somewhat mature
And build up our own future
Track Name: DegeneArt
Degeneart (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

How is this real if you gave me those lies
that metal would live through new breeds
How is this real if I hear the music just dies
And all that's sounding is greed

Notes shift from embodying light
Of sensations' flame
To sounding of coins clink
And I feel betrayed

Yet, when you see me
I'll give no lie
And then you'll see
That I'm alive

Copying old times finds,
Producing the plain
Bastards! with weak minds,
Posers! with no sound,
Suckers! are killing our taste

Forever is gone the timbre of lust
For music and not attention
Will you remember your heart-throbs after time's passed
And they are out of vision

Sinking in the fame quicksand
Fingering your closest friend
Turning art into business and cloning thousands of jerk-off bands
Flourished on the past relics
Butchering all of unique
Bend down from the weight of gold and then die obsolete
Track Name: Dreams Are Meant To Be Deserved
Dreams Are Meant To Be Deserved (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

In the land with nothing glowing
I am bound to live dreams
Having no faith that tomorrow
There’ll be changes to succeed

Though ...time will know…
We have defeated, outlived
Survived oppressions
Given something to believe
For generations
And then we suddenly vaunted
Revelations were conquered
Our ambitions got haunted
With dreams

And no one knows
One owes
Dreams to deserve for one’s own
And if no one holds
One’s hopes
Dreams don’t know which way to go

In the land with views mind blowing
I am suddenly let in
Due to happiness I’m floating
From the miracles I’ve seen

Though I am shown
We are unable to feel
Due to our moral and taste
All – degradation
And when our wishes have come true
We think they don’t become to
Our distorted culture
Of sin

And when the sounds become
Severe, I pray for you to hear
And when our minds become so weak
I pray for you to feel
And I’ll crave no more for me
As I’m plunged into my dream

You’ve never deserved dreams to come true
You’ll never recognize when they do
Track Name: Castle Master
Castle Master (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

“Ok, here’s another wayfarer
Spells – charge!”

Come into my lair I’ll savor
You futile panic flavor
And make you play into my whims
Either you’re for wealth to steal it
Or just another world saving classy hero
You will be acting with my scheme

Come through the eerie woods
With howls and moans and sparkling looks
And finally you feel your spirit leaps
As your eyeside catches greatness of the castle tower’s peaks
And when the gates slam shut behind

You will be forever done (so done)
You’ll never be gone (x2) from here
You’ve got something that my hunger needs
I’ll trap your soul with my old magic tricks

Wander through the halls, stair-cases mirror
They are brought to life by your demeanor
Now that you’re in world you feared, expected
Your visions are collected

So, please, feel free to ponder
Who and where’s the master of the castle’s wonders
Fantasize about what you’d be doing
And I’ll be never ruined
Your sub consciousness gives me
Way to live on
No matter what you say or do you
Just deliver

My castle

You are so much done
You’ll never be gone (x2) from here
You’ve got cosmos in your every little thought and fear
I’ll trap your thoughts and let them build and be adhered

So feed me with ideas
I’ll weave a whole new world my dear
You will never have to sort out things again
I will see to you forget what it is like to be in pain

And now with you my castle grows
Draining memories of home, superimposed
I’ll eat you, you won’t notice
Lethal metamorphosis

How peaceful it is here you stay
Overwhelmed and stoned
My magic always has its way
You’re in no control
So come rest in gardens and enjoy
Every little breath
In await of your death
Track Name: Into The Spheres Of Unknown
Into The Spheres Of Unknown (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

It was the storm that gave me visions of the WRONG

Forced from sleep and soaked in sweat to witness
It's like there's two different skies
Blends of tones and the colours even seem to
Play trick on my eyes
Trembling's passed onto everything around me
Pounding echoed in bones
Flashes're burnt into every shade of the conscious
Thundering their song

No step gets me further
Drawn in is the surface
What is driven outwards?
Mind can't surpass

Up untill this day I had full sway of what was supposed to be me
Now I see him marching away

As the moon is calming wind and thickens light and clears the sky
Seethes the madness, soul that's ravaged's storming my mind
Wrings the chaos in to blur the sane and make me guess what's "I"
Never ending maze of mystery, never ending maze of mystery just makes me writhe

The gaze won't reach the mind's eye (4)

As the moon is calming wind and thickens light and clears the sky
Seethes the madness, soul that's ravaged's storming my mind
Wrings the chaos in to blur the sane and make me guess what's "I"
Never ending maze of mystery just makes me writhe

All wandering,
Pale, I exhale as the skin gets under nails
Where is the real?
Track Name: Compressed
Compressed (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

Here I lie to join the feast
As a food for the approaching beast
Light is gone when the day is done
And I wail for the madness to come

What is this wreck of a body I owe!
My form is of tiny seeds
Containing news galaxies
That’s spread through all cerebral energy flow

Oh! It’s like I’m too much to be
Held in that vessel
Compressed and stifling
I try to leap out to reach
For the outer space

Am I a matter of soul?
Or multiplied complexity of all sense
Can I exist if body’s done?
Maybe as form of virtual whirl ups

Something comes interrupting me
That’s the pain from the muscles getting stiff
And I’m back to the normal, oh no!
What is there left of the self that I was?
Is my form of tiny seeds
Containing new galaxies
Can I tell for sure that it’s me
Who’s writing this song?
Track Name: Dreamworld
Dreamworld (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

Feel the prowler rising from beneath
Condescending to all your power
Waiting for relief

Take your seat on a trip for the madness
It's here to entertain yourself
Learn tricks to reach up for the God's nest
And begin seeing Dreamworld inside yourself

Won't you sink in it (2) It Feels so good inside it
Won't you sink in it (2) Inside of inside's inside

Lost in the loudness of your dreams
The cost is what sense has proved to be
Dust of your shattered sanity
is Lost and there's no hope that you’d feel

Feel the prowler having crossed your lair
Overpowering the conscious while you're not aware
Track Name: Inward Infinity
Inward Infinity (с) Del Tremens (Soldis)

Bored! You say and I can’t
Help laughing to myself
Bored! Is just a notion we
Came up with when we’re dealt
With our selves and shallowness
We are bleached with
I’m sick of it couldn’t even
Pick a kick (pika-pika-pika-kick)

There are places you’ve never been to
And even whole humanity too
And even world you know totally
Is further discovered inwardly

There’s no time to even say you’re bored
Every second is a fight for your
Inner lore

The skies are not that
Infinite as your inner self
Don’t for a second think you
Know you all too well